The  Tao  of  Virtue
This is the Home Page of Mark Virtue, from Sydney, Australia.
This page contains links to my little stable of websites:

What I Reckon:

Everyone's entitled to my opinion.  I've always said so!
I have created a little website where I can air my philosophical musings.

To have a read, or even leave a comment, click here

Virtual Creations:

Virtual Creations is my business - my work.
Mostly I create and host websites for people and organisations.

If you need a website, or some hosting for one, click here

Mark and Greg go round the World:

In 1999, my fine friend Greg Dutton and I went free-falling around the world.
Nepal (trekking), South America - no reasonable offer refused!

To see what we got up to, click here

A Stroll Up Australia:

In June/July 2000 I embarked upon a solo charity fundraising three-week walk
from the lowest point in Australia (the Sydney Harbour Tunnel)
to the highest point in Australia (Mt Kosciusko), a distance of 560km.

To visit the website of that walk, click here

Other Stuff

Barbershop Quartet Singing
My favourite hobby!  And in that hobby, my proudest moment (and also the one that sounded the best) was when I sang on stage with Realtime, the 2005 Barbershop Quartet International champions, in Indianapolis in July 2006.  The performance was recorded, and I've uploaded that recording to YouTube.  You can watch it here.

My Sentence
When I was 15 I wrote the longest sentence ever written in the English language.
I got into the Guinness Book of Records and everything!
Sadly though, the category of "Longest Sentence" has since been discontinued from the Book.
The bright side of that is that I retired undefeated!
Anyway, you can find all 5237 words here

Need to send large files to me?
If you have a need to send me a file that's too large for email (say, more than 5Meg), then please do the following:

  1. Download this program and run it (it doesn't matter if, when you click on the file, you choose the "Open" or "Save" option)
  2. Proceed past any security warnings
  3. Eventually a program called "WinRAR self-extracting archive" should start.
  4. Click the "Install" button.  This will install a file into your "Send To" folder
  5. You can delete the original downloaded file.  It's no longer needed.

Then, when you have a file to send to me, do the following:

  1. Right-click on the file and highlight the "Send To..." sub-menu, then click on the "Send to Mark" option
  2. A black-and-white, technical-looking window will open and the file will be sent to me.  It may take some time.
  3. Let me know that the file has been sent, so I can look in the folder where it has been sent to.

If you ever need to send me another file in the future, simply repeat the last 3 steps.

My 40th Birthday Party
My sister Jaki (and her husband James) offered to host my 40th birthday party
on their 120-acre block of land in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.
Jaki decided that the best way to invite people was via a website
(which also serves as a great place to store the photos afterwards).
To see what the party was like, click here

Programmers only.  This is a useful script I wrote in the programming language PHP
that I'm making available to the PHP community at large, here

Contact Me

Via email:

Via telephone:  (0411) 170517 (from outside Australia:  +61 411 170517)

Via Skype:    mvirtue (Mark Virtue /  Video-capable.  Not online very often.

Via MSN/Live  Video-capable.  Not online very often.